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In The Gray… A film not afraid to push the cinematic boundaries to create something new, fresh and exciting!


“Sharp. Clever. Smartly done and funny.”

– Tim Cogshell, LA Film Critics Association

Our Actors Speak

"This film is an inspiration to be brave and stay true to who you are."

Carter Young - Actor

This is for sure one of the most unique films I've had the pleasure of being a part of. I personally haven't seen any other films that have used visual effects and camera work in this style before, which makes me very excited to see the type of splash that In the Gray can make!

Mason Kennerly - Actor

"Being part of this film was an absolute blast. It was a great team and we all understood this film is bigger than any of us. It was an honor being part of it!"

Jordan Garcia - Actor

Yolanda has created this movie in such a way that you are seeing Kasey’s thoughts play out on screen. Which is, incredible and something I’ve never seen done in a film before. She has captured what, I think, most filmmakers are after in that she is expressing the nuance of a human beings mind and how they view and feel about people. It has been special to be apart of it.  

Emma Halleen - Actor

This project was a joy to be a part of. Everyone who worked on the set was so present and put all their efforts into telling this story with careful precision. I learned a lot from being in this film and I hope it has the same effect on those who see it.

Takalay Hamill - Actor

It’s hard to specifically define something that’s meant to be unique. So instead of trying to normalize what you can’t understand, just enjoy what’s being presented. 

Sheena V Henderson - Actor

"In the Gray is going to revolutionize the way in which we see film activism for marginalized groups because of its very intimate and unique approach of having the viewer truly see through the  character's eyes, direct experience of another, and taking that experience even deeper with its use of color theory and visual aesthetics throughout. It hits you differently. And you will come out if not better, much more informed than when you began." Riki Yvette Westmoreland, Actor

Riki Yvette Westmoreland - Actor

"I thought the film conveyed a powerful message that raises awareness to what is needed in today's world.  Working in film, it is even more necessary to raise these messages as you have an endless reach with such a platform. I was very proud to be a part of it, and look forward to making more amazing films with you Yolanda. Great job!!!"

Sherwin Arae - Actor

"With some much diversity in the world and eagerness to show who we are, how we relate, and what makes us ALL human, I believe it's time for people to SEE themselves and their situations on TV to be able to relate, release, and know they aren't alone."

LisaRaye McCoy - Actor / Producer

“In The Gray as a series will be a visually captivating project shining a light on gender diversity and exploring the complications that Kasey, a non-binary identifying character, experiences in their world while finishing school and starting their career. It can be stressful for Kasey not knowing how they will be received in the everyday world and what issues may arise, but it's even more important to see how Kasey overcomes the obstacles set forth. In The Gray is certainly a series worth watching!”

AzMarie - Actor / Producer

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